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Welcome to Photography Tips!

With the advent of digital cameras, more and more people are 'getting into' photography. Part of the attraction isthat you can see the results of your efforts right away on the camera viewscreen. If you don't like the photo, just erase it. You can easily choose which photos to print and the format of the printed photographs whether you print at home, on-line or at your local photo developer. If you have a computer and some photo editing software, you can be very creative in how you use and present your photographs.

Using a digital camera may make taking, editing and printing your photographs easier but this does not change the essentials of good photography.

On this site you will find a collection of photography tips, how-to articles, general information on digital cameras and photography, some great e-books containing lots of photography tips, the latest photography news and other photography-related information. As alluded to above, much of this information applies to both digital and film photography so, regardless of whether you take photographs with film or digitally, you can find some information here to help you take better photographs.

The news and articles are updated regularly so come back and visit us again.

Selected Articles...

Wedding Photography: How to Become a Successful Wedding Photographer
Once in while I receive e-mails or phone calls from aspiring or beginner wedding photographers asking me for advise on how to become successful in the wedding field. My first question is always what their...
Underwater Photography: The Wonders Under the Sea
Underwater Photography: The Wonders Under the Sea by Colin Hartness The world of photography is an amazing one. Its been with us for quite a while now but it is constantly...
The Significance Of A Good Photography Business Plan
The photograph business is one of the most interesting of all businesses, and one of the businesses that has undergone one of the most enormous changes in recent years.
With the falling prices and increasing...
Top 10 Advanced Digital Cameras
If youre an intermediate level digital photographer, you might be looking for a good advanced digital camera. I know its very tough to decide on which one to buy - given that these models usually cost...
Exposure compensation
The digital camera is in reality a great possession with many facets of its utilities and not only that knowing these utilities makes the understanding the digital camera complete. The utilities are also...

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